The absolutely interesting work chosen by Piccoma readers is “Piccoma AWARD” announces this year’s award

The winners of the Piccoma Award 2020 manga award were announced.
This year’s third time, “Piccoma AWARD”, is a manga award for “absolutely interesting works” selected from Piccoma’s reader data. This year, all works read in Piccoma will be covered between March 2019 and February 2020. The target work is made from the category of “Number of viewers”, “sales”, “likes”, and “first-time purchased work”, and seven titles were selected from the top works of the number of points earned. In addition to thanking the winners for making every day fun, they were awarded awards named LUNA, IGNIS, AQUA, ARBOR, AURUM, TERRA, AND SOL, which were given to the moon, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sun in Latin.
LUNA Award is “Blade of Demon Destruction”, IGNIS Award chugong, h-goon, DUBU , REDICE STUDIO – “I’m the only thing to level up”, AQUA prize is polepole mi “I’m still rejected today Sexless Harassment Bride Diary”, ARBOR award is umemura Shinya original, Fukuitakumi composition, Ajitika drawing “Warcure of the end”, The AURUM Award was awarded by yuin original mini “Surgeon Elise”, terra prize was awarded by Kenichi Iwamoto “Lv999 Villagers” by The Original Song of The Star Moon Kitten and The Fumi Character Draft, and the SOL Prize was won by lee hoon young original kim eui kwon drawing “Polar High School Student”. From May 23 to June 7, “Piccoma AWARD WEEK” is being held today, and a campaign to read the award-winning work at a good value is being held. For more information, please check the special page of the Manga Awards.
“Piccoma AWARD 2020” Award Winner

LUNA (Monday) Award

Gopass Seiharu “The Blade of Demon Destruction” (Shueisha)

IGNIS (Tuesday) Award

Chugong, h-goon, DUBU-REDICE STUDIO”I’m the only thing to level up” D&C MEDIA

AQUA (Wednesday) Award

Porepolemi “I’m still denied today – Sexless Harassment Daughter’s Diary”

ARBOR (Thursday) Award

Shinya Umemura, Fukui Takumi, Ajichika “Valkyrie of the End” (Core Mix)

AURUM (Friday) Award

yuin, mini “Surgeon Elise” (Kidari Studio)

TERRA (Saturday) Award

Hoshizuki Kitten, Fumi, Kenichi Iwamoto “Villagers of LV999” (KADOKAWA)

SOL (Sunday) Award

lee hoon young, kim eui kwon “polar high school student” toonplus