The effect of shortening the recovery period to “Remdesivir” or the Corona Virus

“Remdesivir” recovery period shortened effect or Corona Virus May 23 11:11

For remdecivir, which is expected to be a therapeutic agent for the new coronavirus, a group of researchers such as the NIH-U.S. National Institutes of Health has published the results of a clinical trial that says it has been effective in shortening the patient’s recovery period.
Clinical trials are underway, saying that remdecivir could be used to treat patients because of the effects of suppressing the growth of the new coronavirus in experiments.

On March 22, nih and other research groups published the early stages of clinical trials in the American journal Of Medicine.

The study was conducted mainly on about 1,000 patients with severe symptoms, divided into groups administering remdecivir and groups that did not, after administering the drug for 10 days, observed the course of approximately four weeks.

As a result, the median period before discharge was 11 days for the group administered remdecivir, four days shorter than the 15 days of the group that was not administered, and the effect of shortening the patient’s recovery period was seen.

In addition, the percentage of patients who died 14 days after the start of the trial was lower in the group of patients who were given remdecivir, but there was no significant difference from the group that was not administered.

The researchers say that the efficacy of remdecivir has been shown, and that other treatments must be developed in parallel with the administration of Remdecivir to start administration before a ventilator is needed or to reduce the mortality rate.

Remdesivir has already been approved for emergency use in the United States, and in Japan, based on its permission in the United States, it has been approved as a therapeutic agent.