The Mexican League’s end of the season has been officially decided. No team wins this season

La Liga MX-Mexico League announced on 22 Nde that the end of this season’s La Liga MX Klausula (late league) has been officially decided.
 The new coronavirus, which is currently raging around the world, has forced La Liga MX to be suspended from March 15. In April, the company announced the end of the Ascension MX, which is the second division league. La Liga MX was moving towards the resumption, but on May 20, eight players from Santos Laguna tested positive for the new coronavirus, and on May 21, four new players tested positive. Under these circumstances, an extraordinary general meeting of the league was held on The Day of the Break, and the end was officially decided.
 La Liga MX Klausula finished until the 10th leg at the break, but this season’s winning team is not decided. The league has already made the decision not to elevate or demote between the division and the division over the next year, and during the same period, the team of the league will be paid about $100,000,000 annually from the revenue of the league.
 In next season’s CONCACAF Champions League, Cruz Asr, who was leading the team before the suspension period, and club Leon, who was in second place, will be in second place.