To the beautiful skin that smells fluffy! “Milan Collection Body Fresh Powder 2020” to smooth skin that shines with a fragrance

The popular Milan collection, appeared in limited quantities this year to celebrate the 30th anniversary!Milan Collection Body Fresh Powder 2020A high-performance fragrance body powder that smells like perfume. While wearing a rare rose scent, the sweaty skin also has a sense of transparency like a masterpiece and makes it smooth. I actually experienced the luxurious and pleasant aroma and feel!

Fragrant beautiful skin! Fragrance body powder from special Milan collection celebrating 30th anniversary

Kanebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd.The Milan collection was born inspired by the buildings of Milan. Many women love the beautiful package, elegant, and beautiful finish. The theme of the Milan Collection 2020 is “Protecting Happiness.” The wish is to “protect each other and share joy, and to have a day full of tenderness.”

And in 2020, the 30th anniversary of the popular body fresh powder has been reborn as a fragrance body powder that wraps the skin like a perfume that can be beautiful.

“Milan Collection Body Fresh Powder 2020” 30g Price 6,000 yen excluding tax / Editorial department survey , released June 1, 2020 * Limited quantityFragrance body powder that shows beautiful skin like the masterpiece shown by Raphael and Vermeer. The scent of amber rose, made from rare natural essential oils, is soft and fragrant and can be used anywhere.

In addition, it is a feature that it produces a clear pure white feeling without dullness by the silk veil powder blend. It is also nice to have a smooth and comfortable feel with a design that gives you a gentle feel. It seems to be able to be said that it is a body powder which is good for the coming season that tends to stick with sweat and sebum!

Surrounded by a pleasant fragrance and a touch, it is enchanted! The skin which is smooth and beautiful like wearing a veil comes true easily.

I immediately try “Milan Collection Body Fresh Powder 2020”.

The delicate design package with the image of stained glass is so beautiful that it can be seen involuntarily. Because it is a compact type, it is convenient to carry it! If it is this, it is possible to use it with papatsu on the go.

It has a case that can be carried with a compact, so you don’t have to worry about the compact opening in the bag and the powder spilling.

The angel who seemed to take care of the rabbit is stamped like a delicate sculpture in the powder and is luxurious! It seems to become a gentle feeling and an elegant feeling every time I use it.

Original puff with fluffy and smooth feel.

The fine and fine powder is blended with skin emollient oil and has a moist and smooth feel.

The fragrance is a fragrance full of elegance and the fragrance of the natural rose only, and it is comfortable to want to smell it for a long time. Because of the soft and gentle aroma that smells soft, even those who are not good at perfume can enjoy it.

When the powder is included in the puff, gently slide from the neck muscle to the chest. The smooth feel is very pleasant. Use the palm of your hand to finish, gently gently blend the powder so that the neck is slowly and gently down from top to bottom to a beautiful finish.

It was finished in the skin of beautiful exposed like a veil! The silk veil powder covers dullness and small wrinkles to brighten the skin, so you can really get beautiful skin like a masterpiece. There is a depth in the fragrance, and it changes gradually gradually after it is attached, but because of the fragrance with a sense of cleanliness and a gentle, gentle fragrance, it is reliable without causing trouble to the surroundings. Because it is a fragrance that everyone receives, it seems to be able to use it without choosing the scene.

Moreover, because it can be used for the whole body such as arms and feet, it is recommended to use it from the top of sunscreen that sticky tends to be anxious, and to use it for the bath. When the reporter used it after taking a bath, he was healed by the scent and was able to go to a comfortable sleep.

“Milan Collection Body Fresh Powder 2020” is also a joy to the skin of summer because it can easily become a smooth and beautiful skin with a comfortable fragrance. It is recommended for those who want to refresh the mood in the office and on the go, those who want to keep the skin smoothly, those who want to enjoy a faint fragrance though it is not good at perfume, and want to enjoy summer fashion with bright beautiful skin.
You can purchase from online shops and drug stores. Because it is limited quantity, please check early if you want.