Toshie Kihara “Princess of the Name of Flowers” “Holding the star on a pillow with a rock” is released as a new version

A new edition of Toshie Kihara,Princess of the Name of Flowers and Holding a Star on a Pillow with a Rock, was published by KADOKAWA on May 23.
“Princess of the Name of Flowers” is a story based on the kabuki performance “Sakurahime Higashi-written”. Seigen, a high priest who has survived one life, meets Sakurahime, who is the reincarnation of the dead White Kikumaru, and disturbs his heart after an unforgivable love affair with his lover, Hakukikumaru. The sakurahime has a secret desire that no one should know, and a complex triangular relationship between monks, princesses, and scoundrels is developed.
“Holding the Stars with a Rock on a Pillow” includes a title book depicting the love story of Margot, a girl caught up in the house turmoil of the British Derby zaibatsu, as well as the series “The Gentle Arms of the Ice God” and “SNOWY MOUNTAIN”, which featured the characters.