Toyota motor to operate almost all factories in Europe

Toyota Motor Corp., May 23, 5:58 am

Toyota will resume production in the UK and the Czech Republic next week to operate almost every plant in Europe.
Toyota has temporarily suspended its plants in Europe since mid-March due to the new coronavirus, but announced that it will resume production of vehicles in the Czech Republic this month and in the UNITED Kingdom this month, in response to the peak of the spread of the infection.

Production has already begun at factories in France, Turkey and Russia, which will allow Toyota to operate all of its plants in Europe, except for its consignment production plants in Portugal.

In Europe, Nissan and Honda are also planning to resume production at their UK plants next month, and japanese automakers are expected to move again.

However, new car sales in the European market fell nearly eight percent last month compared to the same month last year, and it is expected that it will take some time for demand to return, and even if the plant is reopened, the level of production is likely to remain low for the time being.