TV anime “Flame Fire Brigade Hinochapter”, july broadcast Main Visual & This PV released

Tv anime “Flame No Fire Brigade” was broadcast from July 2019. The sequel to “Flame Fire Brigade Hino chapter” was decided to start broadcasting in July 2020, and the main visual was released accordingly.

Around Sinra, the members of the 8th Special Fire Brigade is drawn, the main characterof the white costume and the chapter of the conductor is gathered It has become a luxurious finish suitable for the main visual of[Flame Fire Brigade Hino chapter].
– Publish this PV to feel the beginning of the chapter

In addition, the activity of the 8th Special Fire Brigade is depicted on the OP theme, and this PV which feels the beginning of the story to be developed in the chapter is opened to the public.

Sinra tries to solve the mystery of Adraburst. There, karon, a group of white outfits such as Haumea participated in full-fledged. In addition, the mysterious girl Inca also appeared, and the story goes to the whirlpool of confusion. What is waiting for The 8th Special Fire Brigade? It is the image which cannot wait for the television broadcast in July from now on.

TV anime[Flame No Fire Brigade Hinochapter]this PV|

Shimabukuro Miyuri is in charge of the role of mystery high school girl, causal Kasugaya

In addition, we announced additional characters and additional casts. Miyuri Shimabukuro plays the role of a mysterious high school girl, Causal Kasugatani, who is to be heavily involved in the story of The Chapter of The Chapter.

♦Causal Kasugatani (Inca Kagatani) cv. Miyuri Shimabukuro

A character who hates boredom extremely and seeks thrills. He appeared at the scene of the fire with his friends and was doing things like a fire-scene thief, but his ability awakened as a result of a certain thing.

◎Comments by Miyuri Shimabukuro

[Impression of the character to play]
From the first time I read the original story and touched the Inca, I feel that kind of danger, because I am obedient to my desires, i don’t know what’s going on around and herself one second ahead. I love thrills and don’t care much about anything else, but the use of abilities is somewhere out of the ordinary, and I thought it was fascinating.
【Comments to fans】
I am very happy to be involved in a work that is loved by many people, and to be able to put myself in the world of the Flame Fire Brigade as an inca. I enjoyed the thrill of tension. I’m looking forward to broadcasting when I think that i can taste the excitement of reading the original comics and the excitement of turning the page in a hurry to know the next development early. Best regards!
The opening theme is Aimer[SPARK-AGAIN]The opening theme of The Chapter is aimer, which is popular for its unique husky but sweet singing voice. The OP theme of “SPARK-AGAIN” is also used a little early in the pv released this time.

◎OP theme: Aimer comments

I am truly honored to have been entrusted with the OP for The Flame Fire Brigade. I made a song called “SPARK-AGAIN” while connecting with my current state of mind so that i could have a very flame-like energy and a glimpse of it. I’d be happy if I could be able to raise the voltage of my work, and every time I hear it every week, it would be a song that would naturally make my heart go to your heart. I’m really looking forward to the broadcast!

The TV anime “Flame Fire Brigade Hinosho” is scheduled to start airing in July 2020. For more information, please visit the official anime website.

(C) Atsushi Okubo, Kodansha/ Special Fire Brigade Video Public Relations Division