TV anime “Grapenir”, synopsis of episode 8 – release the preceding scene cut

From the TV anime “Grapeniil”, which began broadcasting in April 2020, the synopsis of the eighth episode “Shadow of Memory” was released.

From Episode 8 “The Shadow of Memory”

TV anime[Grapenir]synopsis of episode 8 & scene cut

■Episode 8 “The Shadow of Memory”

Shuichi is discovered by Claire where she fainted while her clothes were melted. Shuichi of vague memory. It was like i was dreaming of something. When I returned to my friends with Yoshioka, I talked about what I had encountered with Elena’s friends, but I couldn’t remember why I was safe. Shuichi is introduced to his friends again. One of them seemed to know Shuichi’s childhood. However, the event that he spoke had a conflict with Shuichi’s memory.
(Screenwriter: Shinichi Inozume, Storyboard: Takaomi Kanazaki, Director: Masashi Abe, Animation Director: Akihiro Otake / Kenta Nagahashi / Hodaka Hashimoto / Tomoki Fukuchi, Director: Ritsuyuki Imaoka / Tomoaki Mon)

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(C) Takeda Susse Kodansha / Grapenil Production Committee