U.S. Department of Commerce sanctions china public security officials’ laboratories

U.S. Department of Commerce Sanctions At China Public Security Authority Institute May 23 at 10:12

Washington has announced that china’s public security agencies and high-tech companies will take sanctions for their involvement in human rights violations of Uighurs and military diversion of American technology. The conflict between the United States and China over Hong Kong’s autonomy has just deepened, and relations are likely to deteriorate.
The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Sunday that china’s organizations and companies, including the “Forensic Research Institute” of China’s public security authorities, communications networks such as The Institute of Artificial Intelligence, and the Development Company of Artificial Intelligence, will be subject to sanctions.

Large-scale restraints, forced labor, and surveillance of Uighurs and other countries, and the risk of military diversion of American technology, are effectively prohibited from doing business with American companies.

The Commerce Department imposed similar sanctions on 28 organizations and companies last October, including the maker of surveillance cameras in China.

The u.S.-China trade in the united states and china has continued to face criticism over its response to the new coronavirus, but the conflict over Hong Kong has only just deepened, and the sanctions are likely to spur a deterioration in relations.