U.S. is also concerned about russia’s call for full implementation of airspace-opening treaty

NATO urges Russia to fully implement airspace-opening treaty May 23 at 8:14

In response to the United States’ decision to withdraw from the “Airspace Open Ness Treaty” signed with Russia and others to ensure transparency in its military activities, the Nato-North Atlantic Treaty Organization held an emergency meeting and called for full implementation of the treaty, which is caused by Russia. On the other hand, European countries are also concerned about the Decision of the United States and are expected to push for a review of the decision.

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo announced on Sunday that the United States, Russia and Other European countries would withdraw from the “Airspace OpenNess Treaty”, which mutually allows other countries to fly airspace by reconnaissance aircraft, in order to verify disarmament.

In response, The United Party held an emergency meeting on Tuesday to discuss the response, and after this Secretary-General Stoltenberg said that “Russia has selectively complied with certain airspace flights and has imposed a treaty”, and called on Russia to fully implement the treaty.

Meanwhile, European countries such as France and Germany issued a joint statement saying they shared their concerns about Russia but expressed their intention to leave.

European countries are expected to urge the United States to review the decision, saying that the treaty has increased regional security, and that the United States is increasingly in danger of revoking the treaty as the United States and Russia deepen the conflict.