V. Bronkhorst mentions Pep after five months of “growing up as a leader”

Giovanni van Bronkhorst, the manager of the Chinese Super League’s Guangzhou Rich, spoke about Manchester C’s Josep Guardiola. 23, the British media, Sky Sports reports.
 V. Bronkhorst spent five months signing a contract with Manchester C-based Citigroup last year. Guardiola, who is currently in his coaching career in China, seems to have been exceptional to the presence of Guardiola, who spent time with him nearby. It is said as follows.
“He was very open. I was able to see the team’s training sessions and I was able to talk to the staff. The months I spent in Manchester have seen a lot of things I’ve never seen before and I think it helped me grow as a leader.”
“I’m currently enjoying my work in China. But I have ambitions and it’s very tempting to lead a team in the Premier League, which is the number one league in the world. It’s also a big dream for me to coach with a team i played for when I was playing.”
 V. Bronkhorst, who played for Arsenal from 2001 to 2003, seems to have set his sights on coaching in London.