Yuki Kashiwagi contacted by Yasuaki Akimoto during the live broadcast “I’m nervous”

Yuki Kashiwagi of the idol group AKB48 was surprised to hear from producer Yasuaki Akimoto on the late-night radio program “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” on The 19th and 26:00 on Thursdays.

Yuki Kashiwagi

This program was talked about by Kashiwagi and music producer Junnosuke Watanabe, who is also the creator of the idol group BiSH.

Kashiwagi said, “I’m envious of bish-san singing on TV to the dokkkiri tori of Variety. It’s cool. After all, idols are cute, cute, and want to cheer for them, and i want them to sell somehow. I want to keep up with bish. It made me realize that idols are important.”

On the other hand, Mr. Watanabe said, “We are evil, and Kashiwagi-san’s AKB48 is a royal road”, and “In the part like cuteness, the single-mindedness, the sparkling sweat, we realized that we can not win. So all I had to do was throw the stone to death and turn it around.”

After that, Kashiwagi said, “No, now, the staff came in in the middle of the song and Akimoto-san was listening to me.” Mr. Watanabe said, “It’s amazing, you’re listening to me. I’m even more nervous, but when I said, Kashiwagi said, “I’m nervous too.”

And when Kashiwagi said, “Mr. Akimoto wants Mr. Watanabe to produce Kashiwagi,” Mr. Watanabe said, “Is it ok?” and revealing surprise.

Kashiwagi said, “I haven’t heard from Akimoto, so I’m not listening to him,” but he said, “I really want you to do it. If it is not such an opportunity perhaps, I am Yuki Yuki of Kashiwagi of AKB as it is for the life. It’s not a bad thing. I want to do something sharp, and I’m about to go.”