• Self-imposed control of going out and physical fitness reduction even if you are not familiar with the heat, measures when you resume exercise

● Self-imposed self-imposed control, physical fitness, loss of physical strength, even if not familiar with the heat, when the exercise resumes, measures may 24 8:55

Since the declaration of emergency based on the Special Measures Act for the New Coronavirus Act is lifted except in Tokyo and Hokkaido, and more people are expected to resume their self-imposed exercises, the Japan Sports Association has called for thorough measures against heat stroke in conjunction with infectious disease countermeasures.
In anticipation of the resumption of school club activities and sports club activities, which are expected to be canceled except for Tokyo and Hokkaido, the Japan Sports Association has compiled specific points on its website.

First of all, it is said that it is necessary to take care of the load of the movement, take a break and rehydrate frequently, and keep an unreasonable exercise based on the possibility that physical strength is declined by the self-imposed self-imposed control up to now and is not accustomed to the heat.

And, because there is a case to become so-called “three dense” depending on the movement, it is recommended to give the distance with the person around enough and to wash the hand frequently.

On the other hand, although we recommend wearing masks, it is important to avoid wearing high-performance masks that are not breathable, such as medical use, and reducing the load of exercise when wearing them, based on what the Sports Agency says is not necessary in physical education classes to avoid risks such as heat stroke.

In addition, in order to reduce the risk of heat stroke, we call for thorough measures against heat stroke, such as physical condition management and hydration before exercise.