“99.9” special broadcast starring Jun Matsumoto Special messages by remote recording

It was revealed on April 24, 2016, that the TBS drama “99.9-Criminal Lawyer -SEASONI”, starring Jun Arashi matsumoto, will be broadcast on April 31 as “99.9-Criminal Lawyer -SEASONI Special Edition” on April 21, 21:00-21:54.

“99.9-Criminal Lawyers -SEASONI Special Edition” Broadcast Decision

This film, which attracted attention as Jun Matsumoto’s first starring role in the Sunday Theater, is a new sense of exhilarating legal entertainment that challenges criminal cases that seem impossible to reverse, even though unique criminal lawyers clash against each other. In 2018, seasonII was broadcast as a Sunday theater frame, as well as its thrilling storyline, as well as its humorous productions, such as small and professional wrestling stories in the play. Following SEASONI, there was a great response.

The starring Matsumoto plays a super-unconventional lawyer, Daisho Fukayama, and nana Eikura plays Atsushi Sada, who will team up with Fukayama, as well as Teruyuki Kagawa and Ayano Tachibana. Including the three of them, there are also many small stories to be featured in the play and the interaction sing-by the law firm that became a hot topic at the time.

In this special edition, a special message from the newly recorded performers is also broadcast. What kind of breath-taking do the members show in this special message that became a remote recording?

In addition, in the broadcast of may 31, which is the first night, it was also decided to re-edit the directors’ cut and broadcast the audio commentary by Matsumoto, Kagawa, Eikura specially by the side voice that had been recorded as an audio benefit of DVD-BOX. It is also worth noting the comical talk of three people who cannot be seen only by the drama.

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