A poor high school student begins the work to become a temporary married couple with three sisters who are a little naughty one volume love rice

Ka momiji “Even three sisters who are a little bit good, will you make a bride? One volume of]was released.
The main character of this work is Aijo Tenshin, a serious and excellent poor high school student. One day, Tenma is introduced to her mother, Zute, about a suspicious job of getting money just by talking to a girl. When I went to the site, the president of a certain large company asked me to live with my daughters as a temporary couple from today. The unpredictable days with three sisters, each of whom have a hobby that cannot be said to others, are opened. Written by Asahi Asaoka and comicalized by Aldehyde’s novel of the same name, it is being serialized in the monthly comic alive.
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