Akari Hayami Announces Pregnancy for First Child Momo Kuro member blessing “happy feelings”

Momoiro Clover, now a former member of The Momoiro Clover, and actress Akari Hayami, 25, announced on 24 Th2 that they were pregnant with their first child on the official YouTube channel of skin care product SOPHISTANCE.

Akari Hayami

Momoiro Clover Z and Hayami were appointed ambassadors for SOPHISTANCE, and the live broadcast was held to commemorate the first time in about nine years that they had performed together.

At the end of that, Hayami said, “I really wanted to meet and talk to you in person, but I took this opportunity to report to all the fans and all the people, and i actually have a baby in my tummy,” and told him that she was in a stable period and that she was going to give birth around the fall.

The four were surprised by the surprise announcement, and they said, “Congratulations! It’s amazing! Mom and I,” he said. “I was happy” and “I felt happy”, and the voice “I want to play with it” and “Let’s make mononov and momo kuro’s fan” went up, too.

Hayami said, “I’m happy. I had to keep it a secret for a long time, but i finally felt refreshed here.” “I have to get everyone to touch me soon,” he said, looking forward to seeing the four of them again, and saying that he would be able to grow up to be a mom.

Hayami left the group in April 2011 and became an actress. In July 2018, she announced that she was engaged to a man and married in December of the same year.