Akiko Ohki’s Two Hours Of Icky Reading 1st 30-year-old, life changed when a good-looking woman took a class at The University of Tokyo

Young business people are full of worries. I can’t see the future, I don’t know what I’m looking for. To those who look for the right answer, akiko Ohki, a former idol who has experienced the bottom of her life and is now active as a writer and writer, introduces a book that is of interest to her. This series may make your uneasy mind a little easier.

“I’ll see you here again on June 30, 2020” (Hoshikaisha)

I had a feeling of inferiority in my lack of education. If you name this feeling, should i call it an uneducated complex?

When i delve deeper into the unknown existence of education, i always expose the weakness of my mind. And, the difficult word is used on purpose because it is not made to be understood by anyone of the vanity.
I really want to change my uneducated self.

Having had the opportunity to publish two books in a row since last year, I was thankfully interviewed by many media outlets.

I come to glare further from there, and the ego explodes though my education does not deepen suddenly even if the book is written.

It became feelings as if it was able to appear in ‘Passion continent’, and it increased when it was covered and it was made to do the pose with the face. I want to manage this “King of Appearance” personality. And, I want to escape from the situation that is uneducated to tell the truth somehow. I thought so from the bottom of my heart.

One day, when I was watching TV, I saw the writer Noritoshi Furuichi recommending a book to viewers.

It is a book “I’ll see you here again on June 30, 2020”. I poked the book with a scintillating thought.

It was anxious that Mr. Furuichi recommended it, and it was written, ‘The University of Tokyo lecture of the legend’ in the obi, and it aimed at being able to taste an intelligence feeling if this book was read.
A popular class to be seen at Kyoto University

This book is based on a special lecture by the late Tetsushi Takimoto at the University of Tokyo in June 2012. The content that extends for two hours is fresh as having almost caused the character.

After graduating from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law, Mr. Takimoto skipped graduate school and became an assistant, and later moved to McKinsey.

He is also an angel investor, and he is an interesting person who had such a popular class at Kyoto University that he could stand up.

The qualifications for the lecture are limited to those under the age of 1.

At that time, it is written that more than 300 young people gathered from all over the country, but i of Arasa really turns the page with a little bit of wonder whether I can read it. However, As I read on, I no longer get better at age.

He forgot to eat and slept, immersed himself in his book, and, if he noticed, he went back in time to take takimoto’s class.

The wisdom to survive is pouring in at once.

At the beginning, Mr. Takimoto is said to have told his disciples that Buddha had told him, “When I die, think for yourself and decide for yourself. I taught them everything that’s important.”

And, it is said, “It is not going according to the light that someone else has turned on, but it becomes a light” and it is pushed away to the person who is taking the lecture.

“Then what should I do?” he said at a loss, but he didn’t need to worry about it.

The reason is that “Wisdom to survive this capitalistic society” is preached at a violent speed so that there is no time to draw a red line in an important part of the remark, and to note it.

Mr. Takimoto defines the education like this by quoting the philosopher Alan Bloom in the United States.

Education is to show that there can be other perspectives and ways of thinking.

The moment I read the sentence, I realized that my troubles were being resolved. Perhaps I will not completely disappear my “uneducated complex” in the future.

However, it was concluded that the hint “The education was polished” was concealed only by continuing to go out alone still.
be taught to move forward at your own discretion

In this book, business theory and the political theory which can be practiced now are talked deeply, but it is not there that is important. Rather, I felt a strong energy similar to Mr. Takimoto’s prayer of “I want to give courage to the young people in the world” which flows to the basis of this book.

In addition, even though the lecture was held eight years ago, i was surprised to read it and the fact that it is not old-fashioned at all.

Of course, the President of the United States at that time is Mr. Obama, and the governor of Osaka prefecture is not Yofumi Yoshimura. At that time and now, the world writing environment has changed dramatically. However, the essential thing does not change.

Rather, now in 2020, there is a strange phenomenon in which the contents of the lecture and the contemporary issues are exquisitely crossed and matched, and it was like a time capsule.

In the end, the book is designed to land on the point that “what is important after reading a book is the most important thing”.

After reading, I felt that Mr. Takimoto had given me one homework. The homework is such a thing when interpreting in my own way.

Forget the contents of this book right now. And, it advances by my judgment. Don’t rely on me anymore.”

I cannot easily pray for the soul of Tetsushi Takimoto. Perhaps he wants us to change the world as we live now, more than he is.

Since its release in April this year, this book has been sold out at online bookstores. It may be a difficult job to buy, but if you find the right time to pick it up, don’t hesitate to read it.

At least I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the miracle that I was able to come across this book at a time when the world is about to change.

Akiko Ohki

Writer, writer and actress. 2005 “Wild Pig” She made her debut as an actress in “Produce”. In 2010, he started working as sdn48 produced by Yasushi Akimoto. After the dissolution, he started his work as a writer. In 2015, he joined the Editorial Department. After three years of company service experience, he became an independent freelance writer in 2018. In his book, “Idol, I Quit. AKB48’s second career, Takarajima Sha, and the former idol who was packed with life made the choice to live with another person’s old man in red.
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