Anime “God Day” The main heroine is Ayane Sakura, director Yoshiyuki Asai

It was announced that Yoshiyuki Asai, the director of the original TV anime “God Day” by Key, ANIPLEX and P.A.WORKS, and Ayane Sakura will act as the main heroine hina.
Asai was also the director of charlotte, a TV animation by Key, ANIPLEX and P.A.WORKS. Sakura also appeared in the role of Nao Tomori in the same film. Comments from Asai and Sakura have been published on the official anime website.
“Day becoming God” is based on the original and screenplay, and Na-Ga has worked on the original character draft and begins broadcasting in October. The story of a girl who wakes up as a god, Hina, foresaw the end of the world and spent the end, choosing one boy as an attendant to watch. It was also decided that the special program “New Anime “God’s Day” prologue special “Day that became God” and “Trajectory of excitement by Associate Asae” which was aired on TOKYO MX on May 24, from 26:40 on ABC TELEVISION, from May 30 to 27:13 on Meitele.
Special Edition “New Anime “God Day” Prologue Special Edition Key and Asae Associate’s Trajectory of Emotion” “The Day of God”

Startof broadcasting in October 2020


Original and screenplay: Associate Asae
Original character: Na-Ga
Director: Yoshiyuki Asai
Animation Production: P.A.WORKS


Hina: Ayane Sakura
(c) VISUAL ARTS / Key / “God’s Day” Project