Asuna-inspired relaxed jeans of “SAO” and “Black Swordsman” Kirito and “Flash”

Relaxed jeans inspired by the anime “Sword Art Online Arisision” will be released from Cospa in late July.
Lineup is two types. “Black Swordsman” Kirito Relaxed Jeans is designed with the image of a black swordsman Kirito on the front, printed on the back pocket with his favorite sword, dark repulsor and elysi data. Asuna Relax jeans in the flash are designed with asuna at the front and a motif of the Blood Knights to which she belonged in the back pocket. Both prices are 8,580 yen including tax.
(c) 2017 Kawahara Gravel/KADOKAWA Ascii Media Works/SAO-A Project