Brazil provides food to residents in impoverished areas Corona Virus

Brazil Provides Meals to Residents in Poverty District Corona Virus May 24 at 11:05

In Brazil in South America, the infection of the new coronavirus is rapidly spreading, especially in poor areas. Under these situations, in the impoverished districts of sao paulo, the largest city, there is a widespread movement of autonomous organizations to provide food and other food to their residents.

In Brazil in the southern hemisphere, which is about to winter, the spread of the new coronavirus is spreading rapidly, with 347,000 people infected and the number of deaths increasing at a pace of 1,000 a day.

The infection is concentrated in a district called “Fabella”, where poor people illegally occupy public lands such as urban areas and live in dense lysis. In these impoverished areas, 13 million people live in brazil as a whole, but many residents have lost their jobs due to the curfew and are struggling with food for the day.

Under these conditions, Paraizopolis, the largest “Fabella” in Sao Paulo, home to 100,000 people, began a movement to provide food and sanitary products to residents, led by autonomous organizations. The autonomous organization prepares 10,000 meals a day based on donations from companies and other organizations, and distributes handmade masks and also provides hygiene education.

In Brazil, there have been measures to ban people from going out in large cities since mid-March, but there are growing calls for the resumption of economic activity due to the poverty of living.