Bridge girder installation work for completion of the Crossing Bridge in Kesennuma Bay on the Sanriku Coastal Road

Sanriku Coastal Road Kesennuma Bay Crossing Bridge Construction work for completion by the end of the year May 24 10:44

Construction was carried out on the Sanriku Coastal Road, which is being developed to recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the last bridge girder was installed on the 23rd night on a bridge crossing Kesennuma Bay in Miyagi Prefecture.
The Sanriku Coastal Road is a car-only road with a total length of about 1km connecting Sendai City and Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, and the government is working to rebuild the city from the earthquake and aim to open all lines by the end of this fiscal year.

Of these, construction was carried out to install the last bridge girder on a bridge of 1,000 meters across Kesennuma Bay in Miyagi Prefecture.

The bridge girder is made of steel and is 15 meters long and weighs 130 tons, and has been assembled and carried by boat at a factory in Fukuoka Prefecture.

It was lifted to a height of about 10meters over the afternoon, and it was connected with the bridge girder and the bolt which had already been installed.

Yoshihiro Nakao, director of the Sendai River National Highway Office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, said, “It was a big step toward the opening of the bridge. I would like to proceed with the construction with the hope that this will be a way to support the lives of the affected areas.”

The bridge is expected to be completed by the end of this year by the end of the year by carrying out welding and paving work.