Chairman Kim strengthens the deterrent of nuclear war for the first time in nearly 20 days

Chairman Kim Strengthens The Deterrent of Nuclear War May 24, 10:02

North Korean state media reported for the first time in nearly a day the movement of Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Korean Workers’ Party, and said a new policy was presented at a military meeting held by Chairman Kim to further strengthen the deterrent against nuclear war. However, the specifics are not disclosed.
The 24-day Korean Workers’ Party newspaper, The Labour Newspaper, reported with a photo that Chairman Kim Jong Un had held an expansion meeting of the party’s Central Military Commission.

At the meeting, “measures were discussed to improve the military power to protect the political stability and sovereignty of the country and to control military threats from hostile forces,” he said, adding that “a new policy was presented to further strengthen the deterrent of nuclear war and to operate strategic weapons.”

However, we have not disclosed the specifics of what the new policy is.

The published photo also shows Chairman Kim talking to military officials, pointing to something mosaic-treated.

State media will share photos of Kim’s move, the first time since the 2nd of this month, but the meeting has not been held.

North Korea’s nuclear and missile development continues to be vigilant this month after South Korean intelligence agencies revealed that they had confirmed developments related to a new submarine capable of carrying the equipment and the slbm-launched ballistic missile used to test a submarine-launched ballistic missile at a shipyard in eastern North Korea.