Director of Wuhan’s Research Institute The source of the Corona Virus is “totally fabricated”

Director of The Institute of Wuhan The source of the Corona Virus is “totally fabricated”, May 24, 17:22

While U.S. President Trump claimed the source of the new coronavirus may have spread from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, the institute’s director strongly denied it, saying in an interview with Chinese state media that it was “a complete fabrication.”
While U.S. President Trump claims it may have spread from a laboratory in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, china has denied this and the conflict between the United States and China has intensified over the source of the new coronavirus.

Wang Yi, director of the Wuhan Virus Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who has been criticized as the source of this, strongly denied the Claims by china’s state media, saying in an interview on Chinese state media that the Us claims were “entirely fabricated.”

And, it is said that the laboratory’s first contact with the new coronavirus was on the day of last year, “I have not been in contact with this virus before, have studied, or kept it. Why does something that doesn’t exist leak out?”

On the other hand, the institute was studying the coronavirus of bats, similar to the sequence of genes in the new coronavirus, and Wang said there was “no possibility that this virus had leaked”, and denied allegations that the bat’s coronavirus had spread from the laboratory.

Wang then points out that “the source problem needs to be judged based on data and facts,” and argues that it is a problem that scientists from all over the world work together to study.