Don Fang of Kishu: It’s been a long time since the company’s president died.

Two years after the death of Don Fang of Kishu, president of the company, the details of the investigation are difficult May 24 at 5:24

It has been two years since the president of a company in Wakayama Prefecture, also known as Don Fang of Kishu, died of acute stimulant poisoning. Police are continuing to investigate the suspected murder without identifying the suspect, but it is difficult to determine the circumstances of the suspicious death.
Yukisuke Nozaki, president of a company in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, also known as Don Juan of Kishu, was found dead at his home on The Day of The Father’s Death.

The cause of death was acute stimulant poisoning, and police found it likely taken from the mouth because no marks were found to have injected stimulants into the arm, so they are investigating the suspect without identifying the suspect in order to investigate the circumstances.

According to previous investigations, Nozaki was drinking beer on the first floor of his home on the evening of that day, and when he was resting in his bedroom on the second floor, his condition suddenly changed and he died around 9 p.m.

For this reason, police have seized and examined a large quantity of empty bottles of beer in their homes and company warehouses, but investigators say that no stimulant ingredients have been detected so far.

In addition, there is no information to link, and the elucidation of the suspicious death of the property family is still difficult after two years though there was no trouble or the investigation of the companion relation is continued.