Dortmund have won two in a row after resuming … Gareiro beat Wolfsburg in a row and won the series

The 27th leg of the Bundesliga was held on 23 Rd, with Wolfsburg and Dortmund playing each other.
 The match was played in the first minute of the match by Dortmund, who were placed in the top spot. From the right flank, Julian Brandt, Akraf Hakiki and Torgan Hazard connected to the opposing goal. Hazard came back to the right of the penalty area and Nia’s Arrling Harland was crushed, but free-kick Rafael Guerreiro scored the opening goal at the back of the line. Guerreiro scored his eighth goal of the season with two consecutive goals since the restart.
 Fifth-placed Wolfsburg, who came back with a one-goal lead, had a golden chance in the 48th minute when Waut Wekhorst’s post-play came out of the area to the left of the area, but the shot was unfortunately not enough to catch the frame.
 Dortmund put Down Brandt down in the 65th minute to bring in Jaydon Sancho. Then, sancho lifted it up at the counter and passed to the right of the area in the 78th minute. Hakimi hit it with a right foot direct ly e-attack and scored an additional point.
 Wolfsburg, who scored two goals, were sent off in the 80th minute when Felix Klaus trampled Manuel Akanji’s calf. The match went up in time, with Dortmund winning two games in a row. After the resumption, he won six league games, including two straight wins, and was the first to win the next match. Wolfsburg, who lost, lost their first eight league games.
 In the next match, Dortmund face top-ranked Bayern away on 26 Th. Wolfsburg will face Leverkusen away on the same day.
Wolfsburg 0-2 Dortmund
0-1 32′ Rafael Guerreiro (Dortmund)
0-2 78min Akraf Haki (Dortmund)