Emergency plan ‘basic action’ after full lifting revealed

Emergency “Basic Action Policy” Draft After Full Release May 24 18:57

After the emergency declaration was fully lifted, the government’s “basic response policy” was clarified, and the overall policy included gradually raising the level of socio-economic activity and maintaining the health care provision system and strengthening the inspection system in case the infection spreads again.
According to the draft of the “Basic Action Policy” that the government plans to change in accordance with the release of the emergency declaration slated to be changed by the government in accordance with the lifting of the emergency declaration in tokyo and other metropolitan areas, the government will issue a “declaration of emergency cancellation” based on the law in response to the cancellation of the declaration nationwide.

The general policy after the release of the declaration is to gradually raise the level of socio-economic activity while setting up a certain transition period to relax requests for self-imposed curfews and restrictions on the use of facilities.

However, he emphasizes that the premise is to establish a “new way of life” to prevent the spread of infection and to implement guidelines for preventing the spread of infection slated for each industry.

In addition, we will make every effort to maintain the medical provision system in case the infection spreads again, and we will work to strengthen the inspection system.

On that basis, we will continue to enable both the prevention of spread of infection and the maintenance of socio-economic activities by implementing these initiatives.

If you look at individual anti-infection measures, there is no request for self-imposed restraint for going out, given specific examples, and we are requesting that we avoid so-called “secret” and wear masks.

When i go to work, I am asked to continue efforts to reduce contact with people, such as telecommuting or time difference.

In terms of restrictions on the use of facilities, including requests for closures, we will continue to request necessary cooperation from facilities that have previously encountered a group of infected people and facilities that have “three dense” infections.

In the event of signs of spreading infection or clusters, we will promptly request cooperation on self-imposed control of going out and restricting the use of facilities, and requests based on the Special Measures Act if there is a trend of spreading the infection.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has earlier called for the move across the prefecture in the region where the declaration was lifted, at least by the end of this month, and government officials say prime minister Abe’s request will continue until the end of this month.