From Shingo Katori’s shop, it will be released. Represent CHANCE and Change with art

Former SMAP’s Shingo Katori and stylist Tomoki Yushin will launch the “Grace-Raffia”, the first-ever store in J_O in collaboration with the New York brand VASIC, from “JANTJE_ONTEMBAAR” and “Yanche Ontenbar”.

“Basket back” “Grace-Raffia” released

Grace-Raffia is a collaboration in a special size limited to J_O 25cm x 22cm x 12cm. The raffia-style basket bag, which is characterized by lightness, is an essential accessory for early summer and summer styling. The four colors are pink, yellow, light blue, and turquoise. The price is 38,500 yen each.

On the inside, we print art by Katori this season with the theme of “CHANCE” and “Change”. “CHANCE” is a group of buildings in Tokyo from the top, and “Change” is an image of an eight-colored planet, and it represents a great opportunity to come to Tokyo, and thereby represents tokyo’s change. Change is printed on the inside of pink and yellow, and the art of CHANCE is printed on the inside of light blue and turquoise.

Grace-Raffia has been selling web lotteries to accommodate people who are having difficulty visiting the store. The lottery is accepted at 16:24 on May 24 and 23:59 on May 27. The lottery results will be announced on May 29 at 18 o’clock.