Gundam Build Divers: Gaiden’s Cuberey Anberil is on MG…

The plastic model of Cuberey Anberyl appearing in the gundam build divers GIMM_BALL_S WORLD CHALLENGE of the anime “Gundam Build Divers” will be released as “MG 1/100 Cuberey Amberyl” from the “MG” series of Bandai Spirits. The price is JPY 5940.
 Kuberei Amberil is based on a cuberei damd featuring a huge manipulator, and it was made a coloring with the image of a cuberey. The catch copy reproduced the beautiful form by “More beautiful, the breath of the rose”.
 Gloss injection molding color for white parts, purple, blue, and gray parts use metallic molding color. Water transfer type decal of the mirror surface is also included. Armed beam saber, funnel.
 Reservations are accepted on Bandai’s official shopping site, Premium Bandai. It will be shipped in August.