Gundam – Ego specification of mass production type gym II green, the aircraft color of white …

Model model of The Gym II of Ego Color that appeared in the anime[Mobile Suit Z Gundam]from the[MG]series of Bandai Spirits[MG1/100RMS-179JimII[EgoColorVer.Itwillbereleasedas.]The price is JPY 3850.
 Jim II is a mass-produced mobile suit that plays a part in the fighting power of the anti-Earth federal organization Ego. Although it was also operated by the Titans and federal forces, the plastic model was reproduced in molding color green and white coloring of The Ego specification. Mark, in addition to the water transfer type decal, such as numbering, beam rifle as armed, beam saber, shield is included.
 Reservations are accepted on Bandai’s official shopping site, Premium Bandai. It will be shipped in September.