Hafertz, who played four games in a row, said of his departure, “I’m very grateful.

Leverkusen’s German midfielder Kai Haferz commented on his departure in an interview after the Borussia MG match, which scored two goals. 23, the British newspaper Metro reports.
 Leverkusen won 3-1 in the 27th leg of the Bundesliga on 23 Rd, away from third-placed Borussia MG. Hafertz, who won his team with two goals in two consecutive games, showed his fulfillment by scoring four consecutive goals in a row between the suspension periods. The 20-year-old, who is also reported lying to Chelsea and Manchester United this summer, said in a post-match interview that he would be asked about his departure.
“Of course, I don’t want to say that because there’s a lot of speculation going on about it.”
“I’m focused on this season and i’ll see what happens after that. I’m very grateful to Leverkusen, so I don’t want to spoil anything.”
 He also commented on the match in which he won against a difficult opponent because of his performance.
“I’m happy to win. We’ve been preparing for the win here and we’ve achieved that. We really had to do everything today, but in the end I think we deserved to win.”