Hannover Haraguchi scored in the first match of the resumption german league

Hannover Haraguchi Reopened First Goal In German Yi Beleaguea League May 24 10:37

Haraguchi Genki of Football, The German League and Hannover scored their first goal of the season in the second half of the away match against Osnabrück.
Hannover was suspended for the 17th match against Dresden and this was the first match to be suspended due to the effects of the new Coronavirus.

Haraguchi, who started the match, took a dribble into the middle in the 40th minute of the second half when he took a 3-2 lead and scored his fifth goal of the season. Hanover won 4-2.

Santo Pauli’s Ryo Miyaichi played a full game against Darmstadt on the away game, and the team lost 0-4.

In the First Division, Bremen’s Yuya Osako played in the 18th minute of the away match against Freiburg, and the 17th-placed team in the relegation zone ran away with a 1-0 victory for the first time in eight games.

Frankfurt, where Hasebe Makoto and Kamata Daichi belong, lost 2-5 to Bayern Munich in the away match, ending a five-game losing streak. Kamata, who played in the second half, did not score, and Hasebe did not play.