Harvest of Yubari Melon begins in Hokkaido

“Yubari Melon” Harvest Begins Hokkaido May 24 at 12:28

The harvest of “Yubari Melon”, a specialty of Yubari City, Hokkaido, which is popular for gifts, began on The 24th.
Yubari Melon, which has a strong sweetness and richness in orange pulp, is popular nationwide as a luxury melon brand, and is cultivated by 103 farmers in Yubari City.

The harvest of Kotoshi started from the day, and the melon which grew up to about 1cm in diameter was peeled off with the finger in the agricultural house of Mr. Tetsuaki Naganuma, and it cut it one by one with scissors while confirming whether it was about to eat by the sound and it harvested it.

According to Mr. Naganuma, there is little snow, and since the weather continued from March to the middle of last month, a bigger melon is growing, and it seems to be able to expect a higher sugar content than usual.

Mr. Naganuma said, “I think many people are still refraining from their homes because of the new coronavirus. I would be happy if the delicious taste of Yubari Melon leads to the smiles of as many people as possible.”

The harvested melons will be auctioned at sapporo’s central wholesale market on The 25th.

The harvest of Yubari Melon will continue until the end of the month, and a total of 1,000 tons will be shipped.