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On May 24, it was revealed that actress pal Yukie will appear in the tv asahi drama “24 JAPAN”, starring Toshiaki Karasawa. This is a Japanese remake of the U.S. drama “24-TWENTY FOUR-“, in which Jack Bauer and Kiefer Sutherland, an investigator from the U.S. Federal Agency CTU-Counter Terrorism Unit, fight a heinous terrorist attack. His friends will play The First Female Prime Minister candidate in Japan, Rei Asakura, who will be a key person.
 Rei is careful and intelligent, and has a back-and-forth situation that would be fatal if she is made public, but as a candidate for prime minister, she is a person who shines with a single-hitter. Her first challenge to the role of a female prime minister, she said, “She is a very smart and strong-faith woman because she is a candidate for prime minister. When I think about playing a woman like that, I get a little shy. I’d like to work hard.”
 His friends and Karasawa co-starred in the special drama “Harassment Game Akitsu vs. Katoku’s Woman”, which aired in January this year, and the first time he has performed in a series of dramas since the TV Tokyo series. Last time, we played a relationship in which we solve problems together while we were hostile, but this time, our colleagues said, “I’m a role protected by Karasawa-san, so I’d like to laugh and enjoy the co-starring scene with a lot of trust.”
 ”24 -TWENTY FOUR-” is a popular drama in which Jack Bauer, an agent at the US organization CTU, fights terrorists. Over one season (24 episodes) it was a worldwide hit with a style of drawing 24-hour events in real time, and a speedy and thrilling development. In the Japanese dubbed version, Rikiya Koyama was the voice actor of Jack Bauer.
 Season 1 of the original edition depicts the 24 hours before the birth of the first African-American president in U.S. history, which later became a reality in President Obama’s inauguration. In the Japanese version of the remake, the target of terrorism is changed to a female prime minister candidate, and the time before the birth of Japan’s first female prime minister is drawn in detail. The series “Sei-yeon”,,””The Festival” will be produced by the station and The Century As a program to commemorate the anniversary of the opening of the program. All 24 episodes will be broadcast from October 2020.
 ◇Comments from fellow Yukie
 The original version of “24” was produced in 2001, but when was The Nippon Broadcasting Co., Japan Broadcasting? It was a long time ago, but it was the first time I was so addicted to drama. It was a drama that I watched without sleeping without being stopped to watch it because it was interesting. I watched with excitement until the end of the day about what would happen to the “story in the day” and the setting of being at risk of terrorism. It is a great honor to hear from the Japanese version.
 Actually, I’ve been very nervous since before i cranked in. Rei Asakura, who I play, is a candidate for prime minister, so she is a very smart and strong woman with conviction. When I think about playing a woman like that, I get a little shy. I want to do my best.
 I’m looking forward to being with Karasawa again. In the last work we worked with, we were initially hostile to each other, understanding each other, and working together to solve the problem, but this time it’s a role that is protected by Karasawa-san, so I’d like to enjoy the co-starring scene with a lot of trust.
 Japan will continue to live with a sense of self-imposed control, but I hope you will immerse yourself in the world of fiction in the Japanese version of “24” and enjoy relieving stress with mr. Karasawa’s success with a sense of speed.