Horse Racing “Oaks” Deering Tact undefeated and crowned

Horse Racing “Oaks” Deering Takt undefeated, 2 may 24, 17:25

The G1 race of horse racing, “Oaks”, was won by the most popular DeeringTact, and achieved the classic race crown of the undefeated mare for the first time in years.
The Oaks, which will be held in The Oaks, was a race to compete for the top of the race, and on the day of the race, the race was held without the spectators on the turf of Tokyo Racecourse, and the head ran.

After winning last month’s Cherry Blossom Award, the most popular DeeringTact raced in the middle of the group.

Then, in the last straight line, he broke the horse from the center of the course and emerged, pulling out the preceding horse at once and winning the championship in the time of 2 minutes 24 seconds 4.

DarelingTakt has won four in a row since his debut, and has won two cherry blossom awards and two Oaks in the 1957 Miss Onward for the first time in 63 years.

Kohei Matsuyama said, “I was very popular and i was under pressure, but I’m glad I managed to win. It was a moment at the end, but it pulled it out firmly. He did a strong horse race.”

The two were the seventh most popular win marilyn, and the third was the 13th most popular win-mighty.

The refund is a single win.
The frame ren is a yen.
Maren is the number of yen.
The horse is the first to the next.
Three consecutive e-won are 15,020 yen in the number of the number.
Three-way single is the number of yen.
The wide was 770 yen for the fourth and 16th, 1750 yen for the fourth and seventh, and 5,740 yen for the seventh and 16th.