How does Yakult Igarashi see Ishikawa in the same grade?

Yakult’s Igarashi Ryota appeared on the phone in “Nippon Broadcasting Show Up Night Special Tokyo Yakult Swallows Opening Message”, which aired on 23rd, and talked about Masanori Ishikawa of the same school year.

Igarashi said of Ishikawa, “At the same age, i practice a lot, get stimulated, and I think I want to make sure I don’t lose.”

“Ishikawa is a player who works on new things. All the players are like that, but I think about it every day. Players who do things they didn’t do and do it without fear are scary.”

“I’ve been imitating the idea, consulting and listening to it since last year. There’s far more to be told by him than to tell him from me.”

(Nippon Broadcasting Show Up Night)