Imanaga, Imanaga, boarded the board to hit the seat “i was able to respond by unconsciously form”

Shota Imanaga of The Sun, the seat blow was boarded.

Imanaga threw a pitch to the batter, hit, strike out, strike out, and fastest were the contents of ??

Against the batsmen after a long time, Imanaga said through the team, “I’ve been preparing for sheet batting, and I think it was good for me to pitch in the actual game after a long time. As for the content, it was good to be able to confirm the slope of the mound rather than the batter, the time with the catcher, and to respond by unconsciously the form that i had been conscious of up to now.”

As for what i would like to work on for the next pitch, he said, “There were some throwing mistakes, but there were some balls that were thrown as required and we found them. In the next match, I think i’ll be able to improve my accuracy and at the same time get a good and bad condition, so I’d like to think about it before I throw the ball i want to miss, the count, and the foul.”

“We will continue to make difficult adjustments, but as a professional baseball player, I think we will only make adjustments for the schedule that we have decided.” We will continue to prepare for the opening.

▼ Results of pitching during sheet batting
Daiwa Strikeout
Door Pillar Zhongan
Nigoro Sano
Lopez Strikeouts
Mizo Kajitani
Right Fly Miyazaki

(Nippon Broadcasting Show Up Night)