[Kamen Rider Denoh]Momotaros is three-dimensional in the true bone carving, “I, I go on!” Fully reproduce

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From the special effects drama “Kamen Rider Deno”, Momotaros Imagine appeared in the “True Bone Carving” series of the top brand of the action figure “S.H.Figuarts” that bandai spirits develop. Reservations will be lifted at general stores from June 1, as “S.H.Figuarts” and “True Bone Carving Process” momotaros imaginein.

“True Bone Carving” is a new modeling technology in the S.H.Figuarts series that reproduces the powerful action of heroes active in the screen and the dynamic of their souls in about 14cm. It is not superficial, but is shaped with a human skeleton in mind, and various popular riders are three-dimensional in the new manufacturing method which pursues the balance of the hero’s original presence and the natural movement as a figure.

“Kamen Rider Denoh” is a series of tv dramas that aired all 49 episodes on TV Asahi from January 28, 2007 to January 20, 2008. “S.H.Figuarts” reproduces imagine momotaros that looks like a red demon, and expresses the elements unique to Imagine in the quality of the real bone carving, such as the texture of the body, the design of peaches and M-shaped letters scattered all over the body, and the fine wrinkles of the undersuits.

The large sword that Momotaros shakes[Momotalosodo]is also completely new modeling. In addition, in order to reproduce the emotional momotaros, along with a wide range of motion, “I, i, i We have a variety of wrist parts of all 11 species, such as “thumb stand”, “smack” and “finger pointing” that can realize the sequence of]. In addition, the scene that was drinking coffee in the den liner comes with a cup saucer that can reproduce.

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