Kanagawa Confirms New Infection With New Coronavirus

Kanagawa Confirmed New Infection Coronavirus May 24 at 17:58

In Kanagawa Prefecture, it was announced that the infection of the new coronavirus was revealed, including those admitted to hospitals in Yokohama, where the outbreak occurred.
Of these, Yokohama City announced that a new infection of men and women in their 90s has been confirmed at ShonanIzumi Hospital in Izumi-ku, Yokohama, where a group infection is occurring. All of them are moderate and are hospitalized in two wards where infected people have been confirmed so far. Twelve people were found to have been infected at this hospital.

In addition, Kanagawa Prefecture announced the infection of the woman of the man of the age of the age in Kamakura city, the woman in Odawara city, and the man of Ebina city. Both are mild or asymptomatic, and the path of infection of men in their 70s is not known, but the other two are people who have already been confirmed to be infected.

According to nhk’s summary, 1,330 people have been infected in Kanagawa Prefecture, of which 75 have died.