Knights talk about the advantages of remote appearances “when you slip”

Nobuyuki Yanofa of the comedy duo Knights revealed the merits of the remote appearance on The Radio Beverly Day’s of The Nippon Broadcasting Corporation, which was broadcast on 21St.

Nobuyuki Yao

The other day, He participated in the recording of the Fuji TV variety program “Junk SPORTS”. It is said that the performers were divided into studio and remote pairs, and the performers turned to the remote side.

“I wonder why the studio team and the remote team are divided. I don’t know what the standards are,” he said, “the other day, the studio was with Kenkova, Kendo kobayashi, and The Otoka Okada, keiright, so I think it’s a good art history, but sometimes i think it’s a senior, but it’s remote. It’s like one army, two armies.”

He continued, “But it’s better to be remote,” and he said, “You can make excuses when you’re remote. I’m sorry, the radio wave. You can’t run away from a studio, very much.”

Nobuyuki Tsuchiya of Aikata said, “I didn’t see through it. The staff is. When it was said, “It was remote direction”, it laughed, “It was so whether it was me and Pekopa’s Shoinji- Taiyu”.