Lotte, the final episode of the Insta project is Toriya You’ll receive more than 540 questions in an hour.

Lotte announced on Its official Instagram on May 24 that it had started recruiting questions for Kei Toriya from 11 am on May 24 to 12 on May 26 as part of its fan service.

This project has already been done by Coach Iguchi, Masuda, Ishikawa, Seedcity, Ogino, Hidehei Fukuda, Nakamura, Fujioka, Tamura, Fujiwara and Ryuki Sasaki. This is the final episode of this project.

The team’s official Instagram question answers are scheduled for May 27 and onwards, and recruitment has already received more than 540 questions in an hour. Not only marines fans but also Tigers fans have received a lot of questions.

▼ Marines Public Relations Office Comments
“It was a project that started with the idea of Shogo Nakamura, but i think this project was really great because so many players and coaches have been running for office and the fans have asked a lot of questions and comments. The players also read the comments of the fans, and i was able to feel the unity between the players and the fans through the communication through social media. And, it thought that Toritani player was thought to Otry, and the person in question was ‘By all means’. I would like to ask a variety of questions from various people. By the way, i’m looking forward to seeing what questions the players will ask and how Toriya will answer them.