Mask production Uniqlo is also the Corona Virus following the entry from different industries

Mask production Uniqlo, which is one after another entry from different industries, also Corona Virus May 24 7:16

First retailing, which is developing UNIQLO, has also belaunched to produce masks that have been entering from other industries, such as major electronics manufacturers. We plan to start selling it this summer by using breathable materials.
Fast retailing begins the production of masks made of cloth in the vicinity. It is to make it to be able to be used repeatedly by using the material of “Air rhythm” which makes breathability good.

Chairman and President Masaru Yanai expressed his negative view at a press conference last month when he said that his main business is to make clothes.

However, we decided to enter the market because of the strong demand from customers to produce masks.

The company plans to sell it around this summer, and will also sell it at uniqlo stores and its e-commerce site.

With regard to the production of masks, there has been a series of entries in different industries, including sharp, a leading electronics manufacturer, but there is a possibility that the entry of first retailing, the largest clothing company, will be able to overcome the mask shortage.