“Meeting was a coincidence” changed mind from Japan to 4 pieces RS – Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo RS-X Vol.3

“I’ve ridden a lot of cars so far, but i felt like it was over when I put the parts on. But this car is different. I’ve made a lot of changes, but after that, just polishing it will make me happy.”

At first I was looking for Skyline Japan, but i came up with this Skyline 2000 Turbo RS. I was drawn to the red-black two-tone two-tone door and decided to buy it instead of Skyline Japan. If it were another specification, it might not have bought it. It was a coincidence.

After i got it, I was busy replacing the turbines and other fine parts. In addition, we are working with a commitment to customization, such as a front window with a bokashi. Finish ing into your own car, it seems to enjoy.

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Thanks to the R30 skyline, we have more friends. We get together once a month, talking without doing anything, and watching each other’s cars. It is often helped by such friends, people who are in trouble with parts, and if there is a problem with the car, it solves it by everyone’s knowledge and experience.

“When I was in bad shape with the engine and i couldn’t fix it at the dealership, my friends helped me. From the search for failure to parts, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a DR life with friends.”

The reason i chose the four doors was for my family. On weekends, the family also rides, so the feet are set up a little softer. The daughter who takes her to the dance class is also my favorite car. He is said to be running for a future owner.

I put on an ultra-thin headlamp and a bonnet hood that turns around the front.
The bold design to compensate for the air inflow with a large Adam skirt captured the hearts of car enthusiasts.

The gold mesh of SSR which can be said to be a standard wheel at that time. Before and after, incorporate a car harmonic suspension.

The overhead part is marked with a map light and a caution ramp.

The turbine unit is directly below the equimani, and the pressurized air passes through the black duct and circles the engine from the passenger side to reach the injection.

Published by Hachimaru Hero 2010/05 vol.13 (All of the content in the article is from the time of publication)