Miki abirth, conversion in the bad out of Michopa “I was quite angry”

On May 30, the model and talent’s Michopa koto Ikeda Miyu and comedy duo Miki’s Yayoi and Ao participated in an online joint interview on ABEMA’s latest original love reality show, “How to Raise Love That Can’t Be Met: All Long Distance Love”, which will be broadcast for three nights from May 30.

Miki’s Ao (top left), Sao (bottom left), Michopa koto Ikeda Miyu (bottom right)

This program is a remote love HOWTO manual program from a long-distance love couple with various circumstances to learn how to nurture love during periods when you can’t meet. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, couples who are not in long-distance love are still unable to meet, but how long-distance love couples are filling the loneliness of not being able to meet, and how they amplify the joy of meeting each other. Miyu Ikeda and Miki serve as MC to learn the secrets of remote love.

After the recording, When asked if ayu could be a long-distance love, he said, “Until now, I think I didn’t make any effort, but i was quite angry with Michopa-san this time, so I changed my mind quite a bit. What a good thing this is. I’ve done it all by myself. From now on, I think that long-distance love will work if you do as you instructed me to do.” From Michopa, “What are you thinking? I’m alone. Not everyone thinks so.”

Ao also confesses the long-distance love episode of her school days. “When I was in high school, I went to Shizuoka at university and had a long-distance relationship in Kyoto and Shizuoka, but I felt like I could go back to Shizuoka about once a month. But she was crying at Kyoto Station, and i was really laughing at her. I thought why I was crying when I couldn’t see you for the rest of my life. I also have a cell phone,” michopa muttered, “the lowest.”

It seemed to have ended immediately with the other party, and Ao said, “I didn’t wait to go home in a month, but in about two weeks she said, “What would you do if you went out with me?” Are you going out? There was a long silence when I said. Let’s break up. I’m so satiated.”

In the episode of Aso, Michopa said, “It’s really a lot of crap. I don’t know what that means. It laughs. I think it’s about people. I don’t like it and I don’t like it, but i’m lonely, i like it, i cry, but it’s impossible for me to laugh enough to mess up that feeling.” He also pointed out that he didn’t know how he felt, and the real talk was developed.