Milet releases 18 audition crossfade videos for 1st album eyes

Milet, who has released five EPs in a year since his debut, finally released his long-awaited first full album eyes on June 3. Crossfade video that can listen to all 18 songs recorded has been released on milet official YouTube Channel.

The album includes 18 songs, including “Inside You” and “us”, as well as songs from the latest EP, “Prover”, “Tell me”, and “Parachute”, which was performed only live. In the crossfade video, you can also listen to the new song “Somebody” produced by Toru One OK ROCK.

[Watch the video][eyes]audition crossfade video

In addition, it was decided that the music videos of “Grab the air” and the new song “Until I Die” by the prodis music of Kamikaze Boy (MAN WITH A MISSION) which was announced recently will be released on YouTube in conjunction with the album release. It’s the first album, and the milet eyes, which became one of the best albums, has a lot to do with expectations.

milet “Grab the air”
June 1 (Mon) 21 pm Premiere

milet “Until I Die”
June 3 (Wed.) 21 pm Premiere

1st full album “eyes”

Release Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Limited Edition A (CD+BD) 
Price: 4500 yen (tax excluded)
Limited Edition B (CD+DVD)
Price: 3500 yen (tax excluded)
Normal edition and first specification (CD only)
Price: 2900 yen (tax excluded)

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