Nationals halt remote presentation of winning ring to hand over at a later date, players demand

◆ The first team in the world to defeat the Astros last season

The Nationals, who won their first World Series victory in 2019, announced that they would cancel a virtual ceremony to present the winning ring remotely scheduled for 24 th to 25th due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection on 23 rd and 24th Japan time.

The Nationals, who defeated the Astros last season with a win and a loss, became the first nationals to make the team’s first. At first, the ring presentation ceremony was scheduled in washington, the home base immediately after the opening, but it was postponed due to the postponement of the opening.

So, plans for a virtual ceremony on the Internet emerged, but just before the announcement of the cancellation. The team, at the request of the players, revealed that they had changed their plans to implement it at a later date. Still, the ring’s design will be announced on 24 Th, as scheduled, and a documentary will be aired looking back on last season.