Potsun and ichi-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-

A variety program that follows people living in secluded houses around Japan,” “Potsun and One House” (ABC and TV Asahi, Sunday at 7:58 p.m.). The broadcast on May 24, titled “That Potsun and one house is now”, follows the aftertaking of the potsun and one house that the search party had visited so far. This time, we re-interviewed a soba shop in the depths of the mountains in Hinohara Village, Tokyo, which was broadcast about a year and a half ago.
 Earlier broadcasts, in a nearby village, “there is a house that is doing a house of hand-made buckwheat noodles on the mountain”, the search party that got the information, with the guidance of the relative of the soba shop that was introduced, when going on a dangerous mountain path without a guardrail, unexpected development was waiting ahead beyond the pass … It was a content.
 The house discovered has a history of 400 years and is a historical building that was visited by a famous deputy in the Edo period. After the broadcast, it was a topic that could be queued up for six hours. And, the development of the shock is absorbed at the day after it closes regrettably. After that, i re-interviewed it and revealed it.
 The program is featuring george, a talent, and Osamu Hayashi, a prep school lecturer, as a panelist.