Project PV released to the appeal of Charadeza Sadamoto Yoshiyuki ‘GREAT PRETENDER’ work

Director Hiroshi Kabuki x Character Design Yoshiyuki Sadamoto × Screenplay and Series Composition Sawada Ryota × Production[ WIT STUDIO ]original anime “GREAT PRETENDER” project PV presented has been released.

Directed by Hiroshi Kabuki, including “Oni-no-Toru” and “91Days”, the screenwriter Ryota Furusawa, who has worked on hits such as “ALWAYS 3-chome Sunset” and “Confidence Man JP”, is the first to challenge the script and series composition of the TV anime series. In addition, wit STUDIO, which is engaged in a series of high-quality films such as “The Attack on Titan”, and “Kabanelli of Kotetsu Castle”, is a character design by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Summer Wars”, and the original anime “GREAT PRETENDER” presented by the strongest team of this century beyond the genre.

This is a story about a magnificent “con game” that has been around the world. Masato Edamura, the self-proclaimed genius fraudster in Japan, is caught up in a game of extraordinary on the world stage after being deceived by Laurent Thierry, a confidence man who even takes the mafia to the ball. It is the best climb entertainment.

For the broadcast of this work, the project PV that the gorgeous main staff members appeared is released

The PV features five artists, including Hirohito Kabuki, Ryota Furusawa, Screenplay and Series Composition, Kato Hirotaka, Sub-Character Design and Total Drawing, and Producer Taketsugu Wada and Maiko Okada.
The staff’s valuable comments are published about the beginning of the great PRETENDER project, the depth of the epic story and human drama that unfolds on the theme of confidence-man scammers, and the charm of the character sought by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

He also mentions the flip side of his work, including the realistic world view he has created by covering the world.
The enthusiasm of the staff talked about with the latest animation images is a must see.

The original anime “PRETEND GREATER” will be broadcast on Fuji TV “+Ultra” and BS Fuji and other stations from July 8, 2020, and will be broadcast on Netflix from June 2, 2020.

In addition, “Magkomi” and “LINE Manga” will determine the comicalization of “GREAT PRETENDER”. In accordance with the broadcast, the first volume of comics was decided to be released as early as July 10.
Let’s enjoy the activity of the characters in the comics!

(C) WIT STUDIO/Great Pretenders