School aid difference in the public awareness and response in the local government may not receive the necessary support

School support Difference in the local government’s awareness and response may 24 may 6:32

“School assistance” to support financially demanding families with expenses such as school supplies.
The government is calling on municipalities to use households whose economic situation has changed dramatically due to the effects of the new coronavirus, but experts point out that there is a difference in public awareness among local governments and the necessary support may not be reached.
School assistance is a system in which municipalities support expenses such as school supplies and school lunches, such as land cells, so that elementary and junior high school students in economically demanding families can learn with peace of mind, and the target is determined based on income from the previous year.

As the effects of the new coronavirus spread, the government called on local governments to take flexible measures, such as considering not only the income of the previous year but also the sudden change in household budgets in February and March, and extending the application deadline for the month lye.

In response to this, Yamagata City has created a new page for school assistance that explains changes related to the new coronavirus on its website, and Fujiidera City, Osaka Prefecture extends the application deadline from April to June, and from the viewpoint of infection prevention, it will accept applications not only by submission to the government office but also by mail this year.

On the other hand, there is a difference in the public awareness, such as local governments that have already closed their applications for april without specifying that they will respond flexibly to sudden changes in household budgets, and Associate Professor Yuji Shirakawa of the Chiba University Graduate School of International Studies, who is familiar with school aid, points out that the needfor support may not be received.

Associate Professor Shirakawa says, “It is necessary to decide how to communicate and operate in a wide unit, such as prefecture units, rather than a city and municipal unit that is not sufficient as a system to support compulsory education.”

Ministry of Education , Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ” Consultation with schools and board of education”

Regarding the difference sought by local governments, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) says, “School assistance is a system that enables children to live in school with peace of mind, and we want each municipality to actively provide information so that the necessary assistance is provided to families in need of assistance.”

On top of that, we are calling for you to consult with the board of education of your school or your local government if you are having financial problems, such as a sudden change in your household budget.