[Space Brothers]Mutta is a heart-shaped stone picked up by the moon, elegant glass accessories

The accessory with the motif of the stone of the heart type which appeared in Koyama Someya “Space Brothers” is sold by the order order at the official web shop in Koyama until May 27.
This product reproduces the heart-shaped stone that Mutta picked up on the moon and held up when praying for the safety of the serif of the earth. The slightly smaller form and rough texture of the moon’s stone were expressed by hand by the craftsmen of the glass maker HARIO Lampwork Factory. Skinny hoop earrings and a delicate chain necklace are all designed to be elegant for adults to wear.
The price is 8,800 yen for earrings and earrings, 6,600 yen including tax for necklace, 13,500 yen for earrings or earrings and a set of necklaces. Shipments are scheduled to start in late August. On the official site of “Space Brothers”, you can read the secret story of the production of this product.