“Targeted on the Internet”, Kimura Hana’s death overseas media reports one after another

“Targeted on the Net” Kimura Hana’s death Overseas media reported one after another May 24 14:28

A leading overseas media outlet has reported on the news that a female professional wrestler who had appeared on a private tv program documenting her share dying in a share house died in Tokyo on The 23rd, and that there had been a series of posts condemning women on social media.
A female professional wrestler who appeared on Fuji TV’s “Terrace House” died in Tokyo, her organization revealed, and on the sns, there were posts condemning Kimura-san for appearances on the program and her behavior.

The show is being broadcast in about 190 countries and regions on Netflix, an American video distribution giant, and major overseas media have also shared their condolences.

Of these, the British public broadcaster BBC reported with the headline “A Japanese wrestler who is a Star of Netflix has died at the age of 22”, and “Kimura is being targeted on Twitter every day, and fans are protesting the impact of the slander on the internet on his heart.”

In the washington post, an influential American newspaper, the wrestling official commented on his death, saying, “I want you to realize that Kimura is a real person and not a character on TV or in a movie.”

He also noted that last year, a young Korean female singer suffered malicious slander on the Internet and committed suicide one after another, pointing out that their deaths highlighted the strong pressure on young women.

On Twitter, there have been a series of comments on Twitter mourning the death in a variety of languages, including English, along with hashtags expressing her condolences to Hana Kimura, who said “#RIPHanaKimura.”